Gillard Residence - Madison, New Hampshire

“The Stable” was originally built in the early ‘60s for Bob Gillard’s mother’s summer girls camp. She had a horseback riding program for the girls camp and her brother’s boys camp. The Stable sat empty and unmaintained until Bob inherited the property in 1990. It probably should have been a “tear-down” but he was looking for a project to do with his two teenage sons and making a summer cottage out of an old horse stable seemed like a fun project and he wanted a place that people would be able to put their feet up on the furniture and truly “kickback and relax”. An old stable would lend that feeling.

He contacted New England Design with nothing but pictures of the old stable – told us that he had a sentimental attachment to the old structure and would like to make a cottage out of it.

The results speak for themselves. As Bob states “Every person who visits ‘The Stable’ has the same reaction, a big smile!”